The wedding scam was a scame that was common in the mid-early days of runescape (2002-2006) A player (typically female) would look for another player as a boyfriend/girlfriend. After finding one, the player would asked to get married in-game. At the faux wedding, the player would get the boyfriend/girlfriend to trade them a ring (varied from gold to onyx) to put on their finger. After receiving the ring, the player would run away scamming the other player. Jagex has tried to combat this by disallowing weddings and dating in the Rules of Runescape. Many players (often kids) would be tricked into giving away valuable items to friends they thought cared about them. The prevalence of people giving money to their Runescape girlfriends gave rise to the meme "Buying girlfriend" and then a small sum of money, usually 10 or 15k.

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