An Tool head robber was a rare type of griefer who took lost axe and pickaxe heads off the ground from someone who lost it during the axe head and pickaxe head random events, and didn't pick it up. The griefer would either keep or (rarely) demand a very large sum of money from the player for the return of the head, although generally players who lost the head to another player would simply buy (or save up for) a new axe or pickaxe. Rarely, this type of person would make a fire over the drop location to make the one who lost the head harder to see it, although honest players would simply return the item. In most cases, though, the player who originally lost the head would pick it back up before it became visible to others.

The practice of picking up axe heads was technically not a scam, as it did not involve misleading players for personal profit. Nevertheless, players frowned upon it, and viewed those who practiced it as scum of the game. With to the removal of the axe head and pickaxe head random events by Jagex, all axe and heads were fitted with handles permanently, and all axe and pickaxe handles were removed, effectively rendering the practice extinct.



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