Third-party software are programs which can be used while playing RuneScape. JaGeX has declared all third-party software programs to be against Rule 7 of the Rules of Conduct. However, this would make Firefox, other browsers and even the Jagex's official runescape.exe forbidden, as it is based on Internet Explorer. Third-party software programs are highly controversial, as some can be used to play automatically (See Macros), giving players an unfair advantage over others. However, some third-party software programs simply allow players to easily access convenient features such as world-switching, maps, and guides. An example of a more innocent third-party software program was SwiftSwitch, which was extremely popular until JaGeX banned it. This cause the creators, BlueLightDev to come up with a new program. This was called SwitchKit. According to Mod MMG, SwiftKit is "not against the rules, but we do not advise players to use it as we are not sure if it is safe".