Sargophagus Pests are pests found while playing Pyramid Plunder. These players are generally high leveled and tend to target low level players. These players will at the end of their turn open the Sargophagus which can release either a very strong level 138 mummy or a poisonous level 98 scarab swarm. They will then leave and the monster will engage anyone else in the room. The mummies have a strong melee attack and can hit up to 243. The scarab swarms hit extremely fast damage in the 10s and 20s, similar to the Swarm random event, except they are much faster, rarely miss, and poison players starting at 40 damage. These monsters can easily defeat defenseless players, resulting in loss of items. More often than not, this is done by accident, although there can be some players that would do it intentionally. Though most players are generally annoyed by this they do not usually die. Also another annoyance is that players with their auto-retaliate on will be constantly turning around to attack the monster while trying to loot urns, resulting in the loss of precious seconds in the minigame.



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