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SCAR is an illegal Macro program. It is one of the most commonly used of all the macros because of it's ad

Advantages Edit

  • It is very hard for Jagex to detect.
  • It is all purpose ranging from autotalkers to autominers.
  • Most versions contain no viruses, such as keyloggers or Trojans.
  • Users can create their own script for it.
  • Due to its scripting capabilities, it can be used in games other than RuneScape

Disadvantages Edit

The macro program can only be running and a RS client or web browser no other program can be used at any time.

Script Edit

Scar is a Scriptable macro that uses a script with colour id's so the mouse cursor will be moved over the screen to click on the purpose for the script.

See Also Edit

  • Macro - Macro's in general.
  • Bots - Information on most Macro's.
  • Password Cracker - Information about another illegal program.

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