The Rule Seven Protest was a player-initiated event which started on 2 January 2007 shortly after an update to Rule 7 in which SwiftSwitch, among all other third party clients, were banned. Members united in world 27, activating Retribution and shouting "save ss" and pleading for Jagex to reverse the resolution. Most players were not protesting: they were spectating the protesters, lighting fires, casting teleother spells, and following moderators. Smaller gatherings occurred in F2P. In world 81, players collected in Varrock square. The Official Forums were also affected, with the Rants forum reaching over 500 online users. Players were also gathering in the Ice Plateau, being tele-othered from Falador square via Lunar spells. These users were engaged in shouting "save ss," as with the square, and were PKing each other. A lot of players were flooding the chatwindow with 5's and even some of the Moderators started spamming. It is not known what punishments, if any, were placed on the offending moderators' accounts, or if they were stripped of their moderator priveleges.