One of the most well known events in Runescape history was the Pay to PK Riot, also known as the World 66 riot. It occurred in December 2007, when Jagex removed PKing(Player-Killing) from the wilderness and changing the trade and drop policies. These changes were mostly used to prevent scams as most scams included either trading items or luring people into the wilderness. However, most members did not like these changes at all. On World 66, many players decided to go to Falador. Numbers multiplied and soon, there were almost 200 players in one area or more protesting Jagex, saying things such as "Pay to Pk and We Pay, We Say." After the riot began to develop, players began to wear black priest robes to show their support to rioters. Players who supported Jagex then began to wear Blue Dresses. Rioters would kill guards, or be killed on purpose and put flowers on their graves and say "R.I.P. Durial", refering to Durial321, one of the most noted rule-breakers in Runescape History.

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