Noobinja is the one of the very first people to make the word choob to be almost more used than noob. He calls himself a friggen noob and calls other people choobs as a friend. He does not raises his combat skills to make himself a pure noob. He is usually fishing lobbies at karamja or chatting with runescapers on world 1 or 3. If you see him call him a noob and you might get on is good side or on his clan. He is considered a noob god. According to tehnoobshow. There are rumors that he is going to create a video with tehnoobshow (maybe probably not) Noobs Exposed starring Noobinja (Zamorak), Choobinja (Saradomin) and froobinja (Guthix). The gods that are showed are going to be the people. Noobinja is currently looking for someone with 99str, def, and attack. If you have these skills check him out. He's usually at world 1, 3, or 47.

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