Non-player characters, commonly called NPCs are pre-programmed characters controlled by computers that can be found all throughout RuneScape. Non-player characters are part of the game and are always online in every world. Non-player characters have a variety of purposes. Many will sell players items, are part of a quest storyline, will give players information about the game, or can be interacted with in some other way. Others are simply scenic, and are only there to add to the visual attractiveness of the game. Most non-player characters that can be interacted with can't be fought by players, but many scenic non-player characters have combat levels and can be fought.



Quest StartersEdit

  • Cook
  • Duke Horacio
  • Romeo (or Juliet. Either one starts the same quest)


  • Melee Tutor
  • Mage Tutor
  • Ranging Tutor
  • Woodcutting Tutor
  • Mining Tutor


  • The guard in the tree by the bank in Draynor Village
  • Mrs Schimm


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