Near the end of 2009, there was a large rumor going around that a well-known hacker called MarshviperX, who was apparently involved in numerous other familiar hacks in the past, was planning on hacking over 750,000 RuneScape accounts on New Year's Day. He claimed that he was doing this to enter the record books for the most accounts hacked in a day. Many people denied and ignored these claims, however MarshviperX sent out another message stating that he doesn't care whether or not people believe him and everybody will find out the truth on New Years. He also sent out a download link with a list of over 1,000,000 valid account usernames claiming that these would be the people he would hack. Many people checked the list and others were reluctant to download for fear of a keylogger. This list contained the names of many well known players including Zezima, Yogosun, and many others. The news spread rapidly and Jagex acknowledged it in multiple posts yet stated that it was only a rumor. This day has passed with no evidence of anybody being hacked and the entire thing was just a made up scam for attention and to scare people. However there is no doubt that the days leading up to New Year's Day were fearful ones as users throughout RuneScape awaited their fate. MarshviperX may not have made the record books, but he still did cause major uproar throughout the RuneScape community.

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