The Mate Scam is the process by which players abuse relationships. The scam is similar to the Friend Scam in every way except execution.

This scam is most often executed using a female player, due to the higher ratio of male players to female players. The scammer will log onto the female character, enter a city, find a male player, and begin to shower him with compliments. Once she has gotten in favor with him, she starts asking for some things to look nice: a pink skirt or cape at first. Then, she asks to be his girlfriend. This is key. Once a real relationship has been established, she starts to ask for a few bigger things: a rune scimitar to help her raise combat to be as strong as he is, or a trimmed skirt so she can be very beautiful. Once she is tired of him and his presents, she ignores him and flees. The items can be used or sold, but fundamentally no work has been done to earn them besides inflating the other player's ego.