This is an alphabetical list of notable players.

Username Reason for notability
Cursed You First player to get level 99 in Construction, and started the World 111 Massacre.
Durial321 Most notable bug abuser in the World 111 Massacre.
Elvemage Famous PKer that told a mod to "burn in Hell", and triggered the 14 Hour Riot.
Dominator194 Famous Firemaker, one of first to get 100m firemaking exp.
Merchers Creator of Merch clans.
Momeydragon Famous YouTuber, and first player to get 200M Hunter experience.
G0cry n0ob Famous pker/lurer who lured 100m's of gold and rare items.
Sixfeetunder Bug abuser of the Party hat Duplication Glitch.
Skychi Most famous RunScaping YouTuber.
TehNoobShow Was the second most famous RuneScaping YouTuber.
Thehate Famous for being ranked high in the Highscores.
Uloveme Famous for being ranked high in the Highscores.
Yogosun Famous for being ranked high in the Highscores.
Zezima Famous for being ranked as #1 in the Highscores for a large portion of RuneScape's history.
Excl Being a famous Youtuber, and being funny. He won the first player contest.

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