The Karamja Volcano Lure is a lure that involves commonly a high-level player luring a medium-level or low-level player into Karamja Volcano where level 22 Skeletons, level 34 Deadly Red Spiders and level 82 Lesser Demons thrive. Below is an example.

The scam begins as the person asks a low leveled person if they'd like to find a money respawn/free items.

If the person responds with a yes, the scammer will lead the way to Karamja. Still walking, the scammer will lead the person into the giant volcano, where Lesser Demons live, and the person will probably die.

The scammer then grabs what the person drops.

However this will rarely work as the only players that will actually die from the lesser demons and whatnot are the very low level accounts, and 99.9999% of the time they probably won't have anything you would want, and if they do, it would be in the bank and they would have no reason to take it to the Karamja mountain. If you were a low leveled player who would actually want these garbage items, and they are actually valuable to you, then you might get killed yourself. If you are a higher leveled player you probably wouldn't need all that garbage.

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