The fun duel scam is a new scam that involves a player lending a good weapon to player and fighing in deep wildeness (ice pleateau teleport), but the player with the weapon can't wield it in the wildeness and the lender kills them and gets their items

Example of the player getting scammed:

Player1 walks up to Player2

Player 1: hey you

Player 2: what?

player1: are u a pker?

player 2: yes a good one

player 1: lets have a deathmatch

player 1: ill lend you my best weapon but you have to bring armour

player 2: ok

player 1 lends player 2 a godsword while player 1 is using a rune scimmy

player 1 teleports player to the ice pleateau

player 2 realizes he cant use a lended weapon in the wilderness and cant teleport out

player 1 either uses the rune scimmy to kill player 2 or player 1 uses a different weapon to kill player 2

player 1 picks up the food and armour a teleports out of the wild

player 2 reports player 1 for scamming/luring

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