Flaming is just insulting another player. Flaming is usually over some game related disagreement. In many cases, flaming has cursing, or bad language. If so, it can be reported as Serious Bad Language. If not, it can be still reported for the lighter offence of Disruptive Behaviour. Usually, if you see stars, there is cursing. However, sometimes, the censor will block normal words like telephone and address. This is to prevent younger RuneScape players to give out their personal information. If a * appears in non-flame message, then it usually isn't a curse word. However, report the person if their asking you for something, usually your telephone number or your password. Do not give out your personal information for personal safety; Sometimes, your username will be censored; Do not report some saying; your username. Sometimes; when you want to show your friend a website, it will be censored. The reason why is to prevent macros to advertise their; Gold Farming website. However, if you want to; show your friend to go; big website, tell them to search it

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