A Flag Hog is a (typically high level) player in Castle Wars, who takes the enemy team standard but does not capture it, merely hides with it. They are typically high levels, so that nobody can kill them. This may be done for several reasons: To spoil the game or to try to make the enemy win (or both of these reasons) being the most common reasons. This is most effective in small group games, in which there are more likely to be low levels and less people. Unfortunatly, if there is a flag hog on your team, there is not much you can do. However, if there is a flag hog on the enemy team, the best course of action to get your standard back is the use of poison. Sometimes two Flag Hogs, one on each team, collaborate to completely stop the game.

Example Edit

There are 5 minutes left in a CW game and team Saradomin is losing by 1. Player1 on team Zamorak captures the Saradomin standard. He gets pursued, and passes the standard to Player2. Player2, instead of heading back for the Zamorak Castle, goes over to the stepping stones and stays there, repelling any attempt to kill him. Meanwhile, team Saradomin captures the Zamorak standard TWICE and wins.

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