The Falador Massacre was one of the most, if not the most, violent cases of player killing in the history of RuneScape. It took place on June 6, 2006, around the time when the Construction skill was released. A player named Cursed You threw a house party because he was the first player to reach level 99 on construction. Later, at the party, he expelled the guests, presumably due to the lag caused by the sheer number of guests. Players who were in combat rings or the dungeon when the expulsion occurred noticed that the option to attack players was still available outside of the house. As a result, these players able to kill other players anywhere in RuneScape, not just in the Wilderness. Many players had died, but Durial321 was the first person to notice it. Many valuable items had gone to waste that day, because Durial321 and everyone else who had killed another player were soon banned infinitely by Jagex for bug abuse (which at the time fell under Rule 4 of the Rules of Conduct, and would now fall under the 'Bug abuse' rule under Honour). The event is still famous among RuneScape players even now.

The Falador Massacre Edit

In Falador, players were not aware of the glitch and were prey to those who could kill outside of the Wilderness. Hundreds of players foolishly hurried over to the riot, while Durial321 killed many players wearing rare items. Several player moderators watched helplessly. After about an hour, Jagex moderator 'Mod Murdoch' disconnected the massacre leaders by locking down their accounts, and then issued permanent bans to everyone who took advantage of the bug.

The Edgeville Massacre Edit

There was an Edgeville Massacre video, however it was taken off of YouTube due to violation of Jagex's copyright.

Players believed that if they ran into and out of the Wilderness, the bug would be fixed. However, the bug was still working, and many got killed on sight.

The Rimmington Massacre Edit

The Rimmington Massacre was worse than the great Falador Massacre, as Cursed You's house was located here most people went straight to Melzar's Maze and the Crafting Guild to kill players while others went to Falador, later Edgeville, and also into at the last moments, Varrock.


  • Some players, focused on the killing of bots at the encouragement of friends, but were still permanently banned in the end since they still abused the bug.
  • Sometime after the massacre, Cursed You was allegedly banned for real world trading.
  • Durial321 was given an interview by the fansite relating to the massacre. In it, he revealed that he had killed a large variety of players, including several with party hats, but only managed to pick up a green one. He also revealed that his account was initially locked, though it was eventually permanently banned.

External linksEdit

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