The Explosive Cave Scam is also a well known scam but is different from the Cave Scam and a little harder to spot.

How the scam is preformed.

  • To perform this scam the scammer either starts in Lumbridge, or Draynor
  • He will say something like "Drop Party follow" or "Free money".
  • Once he has 1 or more victims he draws them to the Lumbridge swamp cave entrance.
  • He will then tell everyone to buy a candle which is an open flame light source.
  • He however brings a closed flame light source.
  • The player will then descend and lead them into the chamber of the caves which has gas.
  • Open flame light sources will explode, damaging or even killing the player wielding it.
  • The scammer will then pick up the items and leave.

Do not fall for either scam if someone asks you to enter the Lumbridge Swamp caves with a candle. It is best not to go into the Lumbridge Swamp caves at all, even with a closed light source unless you have a slayer assignment of course. This scam has been discontinued due to the gravestones release.

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