Elvemage is a player who became well known for making PKing videos on Youtube. He usually wore full Mystic robes, a Saradomin cape, and a Magic shortbow. While pking he mostly freezes his opponents with Ice Barrage and kills them with the Magic shortbow, like an average PKer. From PKing he acquired millions of gold worth of items including many Abyssal whips and barrows items. He once said "Mods should burn in hell" and was immediately muted by a nearby moderator which then lead to a 14 hour long runescape riot, which took place in world 28 in falador and weeks later was permanantly banned for luring with 10.7 blackmarks. Many players think of him as the greatest PKer of all time.

Elvemage was unbanned in May 2009, but little is known what became of him. There are rumours that someone by the name of Elvewatford created an account with Elvemage's name (which would have also meant that Elvemage received a second permanent ban for macroing), but these are confirmed false[source needed].