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The Duplicate Items Scam is an overly used scam, but is still being used to this very day. This is how it works:

The scammer tells the player that dropping an item and hitting Alt+F4 will double that item. The person being scammed drops their most valuble item and hits Alt+F4, which is the Windows shortcut to close a program, therefore logging the person being scammed out. The scammer then picks up that item and will most likely sell it.

Some innocent users may be scammed out of a Rune Platebody, or even something as valuable as a Party Hat. It should be noted, however, that even the one being scammed is trying to take advantage of a bug.

Example of Scam on WindowsEdit

Player 1: Nice p-hat you got there
Player 2: Yup :D
Player 1: I want to help you
Player 2: Okay...
Player 1: If you drop an item and press Alt+F4 then another item spawns over your's!
Player 2: Wow!! You Rock!!!!11 :)
Player 2's chracter disappears.
A party hat appears on the ground and player 1 gets it.
Player 2 has just been scammed out of 1 billion coins. But be careful, as most players who can afford a party hat have years of experience on the game, and will know that there is ABSOLUTELY no way to duplicate an item.

Example of Scam on Mac OSEdit

Player 1: Woah! Nice full sara
Player 2: Ty, it is awesome
Player 1: I know a way to make it 2 sets!
Player 2: How???
Player 1: Drop it and press alt+f4
Player 2 takes off armour and waits for a few seconds.
Player 2: Umm....Nothing happened...
Player 2: Wait!!! Alt+F4 closes windows on Pcs!!
Player 2 may report player one. The reason this scam does not work on Macs is because unlike the Microsoft where Alt+F4 closes out a window, you must press Apple+Q to close out a window. This also dosn't work on Internet Explorer 7 as you need to press Ctrl+W. The same is true for Linux.

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