Drop trading is a process of trading that, as the name suggests, involves the dropping of items. This requires two characters. The first one goes to a place, normally with low traffic, and drops an item. The second user then drops the item(s) they agree to trade it for, if any. Afterwards, the players pick up the respective other's dropped items. Drop trades are not recommended, as scammers will often take advantage of trades that involve drop-trading one item for another, by either dropping an item different to the one

Sometimes a player will have multiple accounts and drop trade between them. It is not at all recommended to do so, as this carries a risk of the dropped items being picked up by another player. Furthermore, such trades between a single player's accounts are not allowed, and go against the 'multiple logging in' rule under Honour (formerly Rule 8).

In December 2007, free trade was removed, and dropped items worth more than 3,000 coins would not appear to other players, thus rendering drop trading obsolete. With the reintroduction of free trade in February 2011, such items will now appear on the ground after a period of time. In addition, items that are dropped in the Wilderness or other dangerous player-versus-player areas will now appear immediately, without delay.

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