The Draynor Lure is a lure often used against new players, scammers will always use this scam in or around Draynor (Please note: This scam is almost always in free worlds). Scammers will often check to make sure the victims home teleport is not working, then ask the victim to come down with them into the sewers with some sort of reason whether it be the promise of free money of items. The scammer will also tell the victim the monsters below are not aggresive. When the victim descends he/she will be attacked by monsters which can result in death. This scam rarely works as the victims usually exit before they die. If the victim does die, the gravestone addition protects his items.

Luring lower level players into dangerous zones was banned on the 27th of March, 2007. Players can now report luring via Rule 2 on the Report abuse form.



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