If or when a player buries a bone and a shade or zombie pops up (or any other random event involving combat; such as the evil chicken), most players would stand and fight to get their drops. If this happens in a house or a place with doors, a player will often fight until he or she is at minimum health and then runs into or out of the building, and keep the random event trapped on the opposite side while their health refills, or giving them a safer oppritunity to run. Another player can then open the door so that the random event can sneak a couple hits on the helpless player, while the first player (the one getting attacked), will be busy shutting the door for protection, but eventually, while this player is busy shutting the door, they will be killed by the random event. This used to be a method of getting free items, but the addition of gravestones means that this trick will no longer give the other player free items. So if anyone uses this trick it is merely for the purpose of griefing the other player. These versions of the scam are now out of date due to all random events now teleporting you to a random event area.

It is also a well known fact that while thieving, players can lock the owner of the fur stall in Ardougne inside a nearby house to get easy experience from the stall. If a player opens this door and lets the owner out, the owner will catch the player thieving.



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