This is an archive for all wiki news.

13 July 2011 - Congratulations to the newest bureaucrat on the Dark RuneScape Wiki, Chilled Socks!

15th October - A Clan Chat has been made for the people of DRSW! Please sign up here!

3rd August - Say congratz to our new bcrats and admins, Chiafriend12, Gangsterls and Emosworld (admin).

23rd June - Our Next B-CRAT? Who do you want it to be? This has a new discussion as this poll shall last longer than a week, the poll is being reset.

15th June - We are now looking for seven new administrators and 1 person shall become a b-crat, depending on the poll at the bottom. To enter your name in the poll apply by clicking here.

Sysop Error Fixed We can now continue to make sysops

The Shady Docks Marketplace-29th April --- We now have a place to buy and sell your RS items.

BREAKING NEWS!-Sysop Creation!

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