Ever wondered about the various scams in RuneScape? Well, you've come to the right place! The Dark RuneScape Wiki is a wiki started on April 12, 2007 devoted to warning fellow players about the various scams and cheats in the game. We currently have 359 articles.


Started in early April 2007 by Hyrule Link, the Dark RuneScape Wiki's goal is to become a vast, knowledgeable source for all the scams in RuneScape, and how to avoid them. This wiki also aims to explain the RuneScape Rules of Conduct and how to avoid breaking them in-game. It also aims to document infamous events in RuneScape history. This site, being a wiki, allows anybody to edit the articles within, and all are encouraged to do so. Bear in mind, however, that all edits should follow the Dark Runescape Wiki style guide. You should also read about what this wiki is not intended for as well.

How you can help

Been scammed before? Know about various scams? Want to tell the world how to avoid scams? Then please, make a new article right now! Remember to create the article in accordance with the style guide.

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