Cls Product is a griefer known for his YouTube videos of luring other players for their items, using multiple accounts to do so. He stole countless rare and expensive items (including discontinued items such as party hats) from many unsuspecting players. His close friend was Mx799, who often lured with him. His acts of luring earned him significant notoriety around the RuneScape community. From the 11th to the 15th of September 2012, the majority of his accounts were permanently banned, because Jagex suspected that he had been selling the items he lured for real-world cash. His main account had also been locked on the same suspicions. Cls Product  played with a new account, with the name "Syllan GP", which was later banned. Him and Mx799 used to own a gambling friends' chat under the name of, "Cls Flowers." But after multiple bans and the new rule, he no longer hosts gambling. He has not made any attempts to recover his locked main account.

He now occasionally plays with his new account 'Its Cls' , which was created in March of 2013, for the sole purpose of Old School Runescape.   'Its Cls' made a notable return to YouTube & RS when he began to play Old school RS in March and focused on scamming, luring, and griefing.  and is noted for having became the first Old School millionaire---in the very first week of the release of Old School RS.



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