The Clan initiation fee scam is a scam in which the scammer, who is in a clan, offers to recruit another player into the clan, but with an initiation fee. After collecting the fee the scammer would most likely not invite the other player to the clan chat, or possibly even add the player to his/her ignore list so the other player can't contact him/her. This is not always a scam, however, as some legitimate and highly-respected clans do have taxes or initiation fees.


A player's best defence in this situation is his/her judgement. It helps to research the clan in question before paying the fee; for example, reading their vexilium, joining the chat as a guest, or visiting their thread in the clan forums. If the recruiter does not have a clan, or if his/her clan has 5 or fewer members, he/she might not be legitimate, and may be a scammer.


  • Player 1 is just walking along road.
  • Player 2: I heard about your clan! I wanna join!
  • Player 1: Ok, every week you automatically get a rune medium helm from pking trips if you don't get anything
  • Player 2: Nice!
  • Player 1: But you have to pay 150k as an initiation fee
  • Player 2: Well it is worth it
  • Player 1 trades with player 2 and receives 150,000 coins.
  • Player 1 can either reveal his scam, or act casually.
If Player 1 revealed to Player 2 that he scammed him, Player 2 can report Player 1.

Another ExampleEdit

  • Player 1: I heard about your awesome clan can I join?
  • Player 2: Okay but there is an initiation fee. 100k.
  • Player 1: Sure its worth it!
  • Players 1 and 2 trade with each other.
  • Player 2: Haha nub you not in the clan but thankx 4 muny anywayz!!!
Player 1 has been scammed out of 100k, and can report Player 2 for item scamming.


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