Luring is a common term used when a player tricks or deceives another player and brings them to a dangerous place. Since 28 March 2007, it has been considered scamming and many lurers get reported. Another type of lure is bringing an enemy to the player, which is seen mostly in the Dagannoth Kings lair. Luring was usually done when victims have rich items or plenty of cash, so that when they die, they will lose it all to the lurer.

Why players lureEdit

Luring is considered to be dishonest and unfair; and in some cases illegal. However, it has been considered to be one of the greatest money making methods in RuneScape. There have been many players who received hundreds of millions, and even billions of cash through luring. Some players lure because maybe another player says some innappropriate or offensive things to the player, the player reports them but they continue. Most of the time the offensive player is a low level (like 3) and does not worry about dying, so the player lures them into a group of monsters and they kill the player then the other player runs away so they cannot be tracked.

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