This scam can be devastating to players. It involves the player exposing a very interesting item or one of distinct value. When you ask to buy it, the scammer asks how much you will pay for it. He then says he "sent it to your bank", and that he wants what you promised him. You will give him the items and he scream "Ha, you loser, you just got scammed!". If you denied him the items, he proceeds by calling you a scammer himself.


Victim: I like ur hammer there, can i buy it?

Scammer: Yeah, but you can't trade it cuz itz a spec item.

Victim: How can i buy it?

Scammer: I'll send it ur bank.

-Scammer unequips the item-

Scammer: There, i sent it ur bank

Victim: Wow thanks!

-Victim checks bank to find it is not there-

-Victim reports scammer for scamming-


Alternate ending...

Scammer: There, i sent it to ur bank

Victim: No u didn't, u lying scammer!

-reports Scammer for attempting to scam-

Scammer: **** u, u lil ***********. HEY EVERYONE, THIS GUY JUST SCAMMED ME!

-Victim reports scammer for offensive language-


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