• Cutpurse3

    Lending Item Scam

    September 13, 2010 by Cutpurse3

    The player is looking to lend an expensive-semi expensive item. The scammer borrows the item, and after completing trade, says that is going to hack the item that it will belong to him and sell it. While the player is panicking, the scammer offers to end the borrow for money. The player falls for it and is tricked out of his money.

    This is very risky as it breaks Rule 1, Rule 7 and Rule 12.


    Player 1: Lend d legs 10k 1hr

    Scammer: Trade

    • Trade ends*

    Scammer: Hahahahah!!! Now Im going to hack them and sell them.

    Player 1: OMG *Panicks*

    Scammer: Ill give them back for 100k *Max trade limit*

    Player 1: Fine

    • Trade ends*

    Player 1: Give me back my d legs.

    Scammer: No hahahah *Logs off(

    Player 1: *Reports*

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  • Mage K0


    December 14, 2009 by Mage K0

    Its not funny, its not clever. Kindly stop it, all it is doing is wasting your time. All any regulars have to do is click "Revert."

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  • FudgeSociety


    December 3, 2009 by FudgeSociety


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  • Confessors Will

    According to my readings of this website, I've seen examples where the players owned Runescape temporarily, per say the Falador Massacre or the Party Hat Glitch, causing havoic on the environment and damaging Jagex's reputation. This is only part of it. Infamous scams such as the 1004 Scam, the Dragon Med Helm Scam, or the Muddy Key Scam, has also given power to the players.

    I know Jagex took charge of their problems, by taking away the wilderness, adding the Grand Exchange, and adding trade limits, has weakened the player's powers, but let's not focus on the present. In the past, who do you think had more power, Jagex or its people?

    I believe Jagex owned the game but powerful glitches and bugs gave much power to the players.

    Author: Confesso…

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