The Big bone scam is a scam that was fairly common. During the trade, the scammer switches the Big bones for normal small Bones in the trade window. The normal small bones are worth a lot less (both in price and in Prayer xp). This goes against the 'Scamming' rule under Honour (formerly Rule 2).

Scammer: Selling big bones 300ea
The victim thinks it's a great deal.
The victim trades with the scammer and gives the money for the bones.
The scammer offers Big bones, takes it out and outs in normal bones instead.
The victim gets scammed out of 200 gp per bone.
The victim may now report the scammer for 'Scamming'.

Alternate wayEdit

Because of the new warning on the trade screen if players are about to be scammed, there is an alternate way scammers may try.

Scammer: Selling B bones 250ea
The victim thinks it is a great deal.
The victim trades with the scammer and gives the money for the big bones.
The Scammer clicks Decline on purpose, says Oops! or something of that sort and offers to trade again.
The Scammer now inserts normal Bones and both click accept.
The victim is scammed and reports the Scammer under 'Scamming'.
The Scammer logs out.


Players are advised to check both trade screens, and take their time with the trade. If the seller does not give enough time to do this, they are likely trying to scam the buyer.

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