A ban is a type of punishment that Jagex may decide to issue to players who break the Rules of Conduct. When Jagex discovers that a player has broken the rules through an abuse report (or other means), Jagex may decide to place one or more offences on that player's account. Depending on the magnitude of the violation committed, the player may receive a ban as part of their punishment. Generally, only the most severe offences warrant permanent bans. The player will receive a message in the message center on the RuneScape website informing them of the duration of the ban, or if it is permanent. During this ban period, the player will not be able to log into RuneScape. If the player attempts to log into RuneScape, the player will receive a short message informing them Your account has been temporarily disabled. Please check your message center for details. Permanent bans are given to players who have filled up the 'ban' pillar in the offence system by either repeatedly breaking the rules or committing an offence that would warrant an instant permanent ban. If appealed, first-time permanent bans may be reduced in length to several months or even completely removed.

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