An Arrow collector (also arrow stealer) is a form of a Scavenger that picks up arrows discarded at ranger training zones or combat minigames such as Castle Wars. Many players find this annoying and often call arrow collectors noobs, because these players are essentially stealing other's arrows. An easy way to keep most arrows is to use Ava's attractor or Ava's accumulator to gather arrows. Also many players that use rune or dragon arrows often telegrab the arrows.

A common type of arrow stealer will be at black/blue dragons as players who couldn't attack the dragons faster that the other players would often take the arrows/bolts on the ground in an atempt to make the player fighting the dragon to run to the arrows and lose combat with the dragon or even get killed by it if they were a ranger pure using a bow.

However, Arrow thieving is NOT a reportable offence under Rule 2 nor does it break any rules in the rules of conduct.



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