An Abyssal player killer is someone who disrupts players RuneCrafting in the Abyss. Sometimes runecrafters get annoyed and will on one trip deliberatly come prepared to kill these types of PKers. Although PKing runecrafters is not profitable and usually turns up losses, abyssal PKers still kill runecrafters for pure sport. These PKers, much like lurers, are usually seen as scum of the PKing society and are frequently PKed by Edgeville PKers too.

They usually wear mystic or Ahrim's robes with a magic short bow, dark bow, or chaotic crossbow and use ancient magicks. This is usually ineffective because Runecrafters carry teleport runes or prayer potions. Some abyssal PKers may instead opt for the entangle, teleblock, and dragon claws approach, attempting to kill the Runecrafter quickly for their essences. The Runecrafters' main weakness is becoming teleblocked and entangled, so they generally wear dragonhide armour, which affords the best protection against magic. This gives them time to use their teleportation items to teleport.



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