The 14 Hour riot was a major protest against Jagex that occurred in World 28 in Falador on February 24th, 2007. According to several of the RuneScape forums, rumour has it that a player who goes by the name of Elvemage, was muted for luring a player. It is not known at this time where the player was lured to, but it most likely was within the wilderness. Another rumour is that Elvemage said "Mods should burn in hell" when a mod was present, which got him muted immediately. Thus, a riot broke out at Falador due to this, and some rioters were muted by Jagex Moderators because of this. The players, were protesting that permanent bans and mutes were unfair, and some of the players were yelling, "Ban the bans!". The riot was spam for most of time with the majority of the players yelling things like "Save Elvemage". The riot eventually went away after 14 long hours.

It is interesting to note that this is the third major event in Falador that has occurred, with the World 111 glitch the first major event and the Rule Seven Protest being the second.

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